La Puraza, the seafood restaurant in Rimini you were looking for

La Puraza is considered by its customers, one of the best seafood restaurants in Rimini and the Romagna Riviera as a local able to adapt to innumerable customer requests. The decor, the impeccable service, the fish that arrives fresh every day must not be misleading: La Puraza is a restaurant for everyone that offers a menu that can satisfy "all budgets". For this reason, Diego, owners of the restaurant, have never wanted to change the name "trattoria" that precedes the name of the restaurant. It's a question of identity, of welcoming spirit, of the desire to unite everyone under one roof, sure that anyone can find warmth, good food and fair prices. From the catch of the day to the simple piada with sardoncini, passing through the raw seafood, traditional romagnola dishes and recipes with original flavors. For years the La Puraza restaurant has been recognized as the "IL" seafood restaurant, a place where quality does not mean high price but simply respect for the health of the consumer.

History of the La Puraza restaurant in Rimini
There are places in which personal and professional events cross over into one another. La Puraza is a welcoming restaurant because it is essentially the home of Diego, a house built over the last twenty years, piece by piece, with commitment, effort and sacrifice. Today, after years, La Puraza manages to conquer the hearts of a diverse clientele with the most diverse needs: here at lunch the businessman and the travelers find refreshment, counting on tasting menus and unique dishes designed to meet the needs of time and "pocket". At dinner, thanks to the 4 separate rooms, La Puraza is able to guarantee privacy to couples looking for a romantic restaurant, space to groups of friends and welcome to those who, for work reasons, are forced to dine or have lunch alone.

What to eat at the Puraza: the menu, the typical dishes and the catch of the day
Fish is definitely the specialty of the house: it is purchased daily directly by Enzo to guarantee genuineness and freshness. Lovers of raw seafood will find in this restaurant a little paradise for their taste buds: fresh scampi, oysters, red prawns, precious tunas and all the fish from the Adriatic Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. For lovers of appetizers, the chef has created a series of dishes that entertain the palate and open to delicious risottos, fresh pastas and second courses. The incurable romantics looking for an all-Rimini "Amarcord", will find the recipes that have made the history of the cuisine of Rimini, starting from the piada with the sardoncini to the grilled cooked on the "romagna", the charcoal kitchen that returns to the grilled dishes an authentic taste reminiscent of Sunday lunches consumed in the family.

Summer, outdoors ... seems to go back in time
There is something privileged and generous that hovers under the foliage of the trees where the tables are placed in the summer ... something enchanting, something evocative that comes - perhaps - even from the desire of Diego to feel the warmth of the friends customers also and especially in the days of carefree that fortunately the summer gives. Eating in a seafood restaurant, outdoors, in a cool garden of a farmhouse built away from the chaos, is a privilege that no one wants to give up. The low lights, the talking in a low voice, a good glass of wine and the spontaneous smiles because the thoughts here are swept away.

La Puraza, the seafood restaurant in Rimini you were looking for

A unique atmosphere

An ancient farmhouse completely renovated, a large hospitable house, to be admired and discovered starting from the many precious details that tell the story of who starts to stay.

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