A romantic restaurant, where beauty is in the reception

La Puraza is a large, welcoming house and in all its details tells the story of people who love beautiful things. You never stop to appreciate all the little details of this elegant country house: from the tablecloth to the lamps, passing through the furnishing elements, the chairs, the armchairs, the roof, the fireplace and the outside garden. That of Anna and Enzo is a home in which they find their whole life. The environment is full of personality and always keeps the guest's interest alive, the spaces are designed and furnished to be enjoyed in the company. A stimulating and well-being atmosphere, harmonic combinations of poor art and precious paieces. Beautiful indeed the great room with the fireplace and beautiful the two smaller and collected. The tables are well laid out, shiny cutlery and glasses, neutral-toned tablecloths, comfortable seating. During the summer you can also sit outside on the terrace overlooking the small garden.

A unique atmosphere

An ancient farmhouse completely renovated, a large hospitable house, to be admired and discovered starting from the many precious details that tell the story of who starts to stay.

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